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COVID-19 Threatens the Cannabis Community: Tips for Stopping the Spread

As the threat of coronavirus, or COVID-19, reaches a global level, we’re urged to take our cannabis participation habits a bit more seriously. Puffing and passing the jazz cabbage without proper precautions and preventative measures can have you coughing for all the wrong reasons. According to the CDC, this powerful and seemingly unstoppable virus is transmitting quickly because of people coming in direct contact with those who carry it. So unless you want to turn into an herbal hermit until this thing passes, you’ll need to tweak your toking just a little bit in the meantime.

Enjoying Cannabis without Coronavirus 

Despite the dangers, cannabis users don’t have to be afraid of what might happen if they continue to enjoy their favorite plant while the world struggles to fight off this pandemic. Fortunately, the threat of COVID-19 reaching crops and negatively affecting the supply chain is virtually non-existent. There’s also little chance that the virus has contaminated anything on the current market. The real issue is, not surprisingly, in the way that people consume the contents of their stash. Staying healthy around the coronavirus is already hard enough, you don’t need to be sharing blunts with a bunch of different people right now.

That’s the thing: Cannabis can help prevent or even treat serious medical problems including epilepsy, anxiety disorder and Parkinson’s disease but it can’t cure the coronavirus. What I’m trying to say is that it might not be a bad idea to start getting stingy with your sticky-icky. If sharing means caring in your circle, maybe bring your own piece so you don’t have to put your mouth all up on someone else’s rig. The virus is airborne too, so smoking together in a small, unventilated room is probably not the best plan either. I’ve yet to meet anyone who can take a big hit without coughing their lungs out and, frankly, that stuff isn’t funny enough to die for.

The Dos and Don’ts

Aside from basically becoming the most stuck-up pot smoker in all the land, there are a few things you should be doing if you want to continue your habit while remaining out of the emergency room. Consider these steps a sort of pre-quarantine – a proactive approach to living your best life with cannabis while the coronavirus kicks all our asses. If you play your cards right, we’ll be able to eradicate this beast sooner than later and get back to passing the peace pipe like nothing ever happened. Here’s how it’s done:


  • Stay Clean

Wash your hands more than a Civil War surgeon in the heat of battle. Communicable diseases of all kinds are transmitted through unclean hands and all the things they touch, including that joint you’re about to stick in your mouth. Proper hygiene should already be a part of your routine but it’s especially important these days.

  • Let Cannabis Do Its Job

Did you know that certain strains of THC and/or CBD are known to help fight off sickness and disease? In fact, that’s exactly why marijuana has been used as an herbal remedy for so many centuries. Therefore, allowing the plant and its derivatives to boost your immunities is a wise plan, especially with so much at stake in terms of your health.

  • Try Edibles for a Little While

There’s nothing wrong with changing up your consumption methods from time to time and, quite honestly, there’s never been a better time than the present for something like that. Smoking cannabis is very enjoyable but it’s not your only option. Try to explore the marketplace a little more by testing various edibles and topical products instead.


  • Assume You’ll Be Fine

There’s a lot of speculation and skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of COVID-19’s development and seriousness, and it doesn’t help that some of the symptoms creep up on you like a good magic brownie. Never assume your homies are healthy because tests must be done to determine whether someone is infected or not.

  • Ignore the Symptoms

If you’re feeling some type of way, don’t ignore it. You might not want to go see a doctor right away and they’re saying face masks should be reserved for the infected, but you can still make an appointment for a checkup, especially after you’ve enjoyed cannabis with another person in the last few days.

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