Meet Love Kief

The topic of CBD and THC is everywhere, from national news to family dinner tables to college campuses.

We find ourselves more curious than ever before. Questions like "Should I eat a CBD-infused gummy bear before this meeting, or will it derail my entire presentation?" Or, "Is it true that hemp can help with my dog's anxiety?" With CBD being the fastest growing segment, more than ever we question if it should be part of our wellness routine.  Or is it just a marketing fad? And, for that matter, what's it even like in a legal dispensary? What’s sativa versus indica, which is best for me?

First, it is not a fad. And with legalization expanding at a faster pace than ever, we’re seeing commensurate acceptance on an unprecedented scale. Making the stigma for the cannabis industry a soon to be thing of the past. In fact, seeing the tremendous growth has only expanded interest, as we try to figure out how we too can reap the gains of this lucrative industry.

At LK, our mission is to not only help find answers, but empower those who wants to take that next step and learn how they can make cannabis into a legitimate money-making endeavor. The door is open to all, you just need to come on in!

With bi-coastal offices in New York City (where innovation reigns supreme) and in Las Vegas (where

it's legal), LK is well positioned to help take our community to that next level!

My name is Dana Michel. LK is my brainchild. I am a proud woman of color and passionate founder of Love Kief. Forever curious, I too wanted to gain a better understanding of all this hype around the growing cannabis space and all its opportunities. And as a woman of color, it was especially important to ensure that women, minorities and anyone else who is interested in this amazing journey get their seat at the table.

AND with that Love Kief was born; a company whose mission it is to demystify & democratize the cannabis industry. So that everyone in our community is better educated and empowered to take full advantage of its lucrative opportunities.

Why Love Kief Can Be Trusted

We'll only share products that our team and/or network find safe, interesting, unique, and helpful.

We'll add clear disclaimers if we ever receive payment for any of the products or places we highlight.

We'll keep you up to date and ahead of the curve with trustworthy data from authority sources.

We'll always invite you to join the conversation, even before it starts and especially when everyone else thinks it's finished.

We'll maintain an upbeat and entertaining attitude about what many people find to be an extremely controversial subject.

Please use the information you find on Love Kief to spark your own research and discovery journey. Meanwhile, let us know if you come across something interesting that you think should be shared with the rest of the LK community.

We're always looking for additions to our growing network of 420-friendly professionals, trendsetters and entrepreneurs, so be sure to join because there's definitely a place for new voices.